Christopher Simmonds 



Ahh! So cool

This home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula offers sweeping views of Port Phillip Bay. Take the full tour here.
Photograph by Earl Carter.

Trend Alert:

This is one that is not commonly seen but when done right looks spectacular! Take this example by Siol, it’s simply stunning, adding vibrancy and tangible life to the bathroom which would be difficult to achieve in any other way. The main concern people may have regarding living walls is the watering of them. I’m not an expert on the finer details of them, however I do know there are watering systems for potted plants which automatically water based on time or moisture level of the soil.

A similar solution could be implemented into a living wall like this which should keep it looking lush and ravishing for time to come. We’re seeing these living walls drawn into more and more designs, and expect this trend to continue in 2014.

I love the hints of wooden detailing throughout this bathroom, contrasted against the crispness of the white tiles, towels, basin and bath tub, with a touch of greenery add much needed warmth and texture. 

©Daniella Witte